Stitch Fix


So I took the plunge and ordered my first Stitch Fix box. It is set to arrive April 2 and I am very excited! I’ve heard mixed reviews but I am a sucker for the idea of getting 5 pieces of new clothing/accessories in the mail.

For those who aren’t familiar, you go to the site and fill out a very detailed form on your sizing, style, etc. I did mine about a month ago and the earliest they could get me a “fix” was April 2 (it must be getting pretty popular). You pay a $20 styling fee once it’s shipped. You try on all the clothes in the comfort of your own home, then return what you don’t like and pay for what you keep. The $20 goes towards whatever you purchase.

Once mine comes I will be sure to post a full review with pictures on here! Has anyone tried it and had success? Pros/cons? Would love to hear from you!


10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix

  1. Never heard of this! Just looking it up now, although I don’t know if it’s available in the UK – sounds like a great idea..! If you have time please check out my blog as I’ve just started out πŸ™‚

    • I don’t think it’s available in the UK but I know they are trying to expand to other countries. I will be sure to check out/follow your blog…I am a beginner, too, and all the support helps!

  2. I’ve thought about trying out stitch fix but I’m so scared (mainly that it’ll be a waste of money). We’ll see if I ever do it! Good for you for taking the plunge. πŸ™‚

  3. I am a fan of Stitch Fix! I’ve had two boxes and loved them both. I will warn you, though — even if you chose the lowest budget option, the prices can still be pretty high (above $50, when I was under the impression they would be under 50). My first box was pretty unaffordable, so when I gave them feedback I was VERY specific about my budget, and my second box was much cheaper! Of course, I’m used to buying clothes for $3 at Goodwill, so I might be a little picky. πŸ™‚

    Hope you love your box! I’m looking forward to seeing what you get!

  4. I love Stitch Fix! I just renewed my membership (I canceled when I got pregnant) and they ALWAYS send at least one thing I end up loving, but usually more.

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