Stitch Fix April 2014 review

I got my first Stitch Fix in the mail yesterday and after a tough day at work I was so excited to see it waiting for me on the front porch!

I apologize that the picture is very poor quality, I promise next time I’ll bite the bullet and take some selfies. But, I had great success with my first box!


I kept:

– The Betty chevron infinity scarf ($32)
– the Huebert space dye open cardigan ($58) – hard to see because of our bedding, sorry!
– The Kensie Johnny regular length skinny jean ($88)

Since it was my first box I decided to splurge a little. $32 seems like a lot for a scarf but, you do get the $20 credit towards your purchase for the styling fee. I loved the cardigan because it was totally my style, and the jeans fit PERFECTLY. I couldn’t believe it. I am 5’8″ so it’s difficult for me to find skinny jeans that go all the way down to my ankles and these fit like a glove. They are a very dark denim, not black.

I loved the color of the dolman top but it just looked weird on me…I think because my arms are so long perhaps? So I sent that back along with the vest which just wasn’t really my style and for $78 not worth keeping.

So I would call this a success! I am already excited to see what’s in my next one (arriving on April 30!)

If you’re interested in trying your first Stitch Fix, you can check them out here.


9 thoughts on “Stitch Fix April 2014 review

  1. I just checked it out and followed your blog! 🙂 I totally get not wanting to keep the stuff you don’t absolutely love…I kept saying to myself “I could find this at Target for $20 cheaper” haha. I am eager to see what they do next month.

  2. I feel your tall girl problems with skinny jeans! I’m 5’9″ and I have suchhh an issue finding pants that are long enough!!

    Did you not like the vest?! It looks super cute to me!!

    • Haha I wore the jeans all weekend…two days in a row, I love them that much! And i really did like the vest, but I felt like it would have been one of those things that I keep in my closet and wouldn’t wear that much, so I decided to send it back!

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