5 on Friday



I  can’t believe I am doing this but I am PRE scheduling a post!! Never done it before. But I want to give you all a Stitch Fix review too since my box is waiting for me at home. So alas, on to the 5!

1. This GUESS dress. I looove the colors in this dress, and am so on the maxi train these days. I have a Lord and Taylor gift card, I may need to cash that in soon.


GUESS dress from L&T


2. This recipe. Rated 5 stars on Real Simple and sounds so delicious. I think I am going to have to put it on the menu planner for next week!


Pork with black beans, brown rice and green-chile cilantro sauce


3.  This quote made me LOL when I read it on Pinterest last night. I 100% agree.



4. I am loving the layered necklace look lately and need to get me some stat.



5.  Our friends just got back from their honeymoon in Mexico and I swear all I can think about is sunshine and bathing suits! I added this beauty to my Honeymoonin’ board on Pinterest…I love everything about it!



Signing off for now, loves. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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