May Stitch Fix Review – the sequel

Since I received two Stitch Fixes this month, I decided to make this a May one as well so as not to confuse you!

You know the drill with Stitch Fix (referral link) – after filling out a detailed style profile, a personal stylist picks out 5 pieces she feels will best suit you. Last time around I kept 3, let’s see what the verdict was this time…

1. Loveappella Carlita Jersey Maxi Dress
Price: $78
Status: Kept!

photo 2

I loooooved this dress. It was so comfy and the material feels like a dream. Plus I love the color. $78 seems high for a jersey dress, but, that is what it goes for at Nordstrom (I checked) and this is such a great summer staple. Uh, sorry there is a lovely broom in the background. You all get treated to the looks of my bathroom every month. Figured I’d keep it real.

2. Bay to Baubles Lydia Faceted Stones Long Necklace
Price: $38
Status: Kept!

photo 1

I am wearing this necklace in the picture with the dress, but here is a close-up. I absolutely loved it! I have nothing that looks like this and it will go with anything. It’s a keeper!

3. Kut from the Kloth Mona Boyfriend Short
Price: $68
Status: Kept!

photo 1

So these shorts, as with every single bottom piece I’ve gotten from Stitch Fix, fit like a GLOVE. When I saw a picture of them I was like no way, these are going to look like “mom shorts.” But nope, they fit perfectly and are another great summer staple. I am not crazy about the price. I did some research and looks like they go for about $10 cheaper in retail stores (assuming you’d have them shipped makes up that difference, though). So I am just going to monitor my next Fix and give them any feedback about pricing…I’ve heard complaints about it being inconsistent. But alas I loved these shorts too much to say no.

4. 41Hawthorn Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 blouse
Price: $58
Status: Kept!

photo 2

Also shown in the pic with the shorts, I loved this shirt! It’s such a “me” shirt (as Brian pointed out that it was a total Rachel shirt). Material is lightweight enough for the summer and can also wear to work. I did request more summery things in my next fix, like tanks and perhaps a maxi skirt. They’ve sent a lot of 3/4 sleeve blouses that once the dog days of summer hit I won’t be able to wear.

5. Papermoon Wynn Mixed Dot Print Front Pocket Blouse
Price: $48
Status: Kept…begrudgingly 

photo 3

This shirt was not my favorite. Had I not really loved everything else in the box, I would have sent it back. But Stitch Fix really gets you with their 25% off deal, so it was actually cheaper for me to keep it than to send it back. I am sure I will find a way to work it in to my wardrobe!

My stylist Patrice really hit the nail on the head this time, and mentioned multiple times how she had browsed my Pinterest board. Plus, I had a $25 referral credit from some lovely who decided to click on my referral link – so thank you to whoever you are! Total cost ended up being $197, not too bad for things that will go in regular rotation in to my wardrobe.  But no more clothes shopping for me for a while 😉

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, you can click on my referral link here and get started!


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