5 on Friday



Better late than never, yes? Been a CRAZY day at work so I am ending my day with a little blogging 😉 TGIF!

1. Pay it Forward
Today I treated myself to my usual Dunkin breakfast sammie and coffee and decided I would pay for the car behind me, too. Every once in a while I decide to do that just for fun. Well when I got to the cashier, she told me I was the FIFTH person this morning who did that! And it was only 8:15. I just thought that was so cool and it made me smile. It was a nice way to start my Friday.

2. Ideeli
I have been a member of ideeli (referral link) for years and I think I’ve bought one thing. Well today that changed! I’ve been browsing a little bit more since thinking about the wedding/honeymoon and bought this super cute maxi today. I know, I swore off shopping until my next Stitch Fix…whoops. And it’s non-returnable so here’s hoping it fits! But was on sale for $20 so that makes it ok, yes? anyone? Bueller?


3. Essie
I feel like I post about my love for Essie nailpolish mmmm all the time. But here’s another one from the spring 2014 collection I want to add to MY collection.

Essie "Romper Room"

Essie “Romper Room”

4. Wedding lips
I’ve been browsing wedding makeup styles lately. I love the way my make up was done for Kaitlin’s wedding, but for someone who wears minimal makeup that was even a little too much for me. I saw this on Pinterest and LOVE the color…minus the face bling :p I think it would be perfect for our fall wedding.

Mac lipstick in Mocha

Mac lipstick in Mocha

5.  Stair runner
So our stairs are carpeted and are pretty much an eyesore and smell like our (lovable) dog. I would love to strip out the carpeting and put in a runner if they’re in ok condition. It will most likely be a post-wedding project but I found this awesome tutorial on Southern Hospitality




Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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