blah man

Hey all – sorry I have been so MIA lately! I titled this post blah-ging for that specific reason. As a new blogger, I’ve been pretty good about staying up with posts and whatnot. But I haven’t participated in 5 on Friday in a couple weeks, AND I have a Stitch Fix review ready to be written and just haven’t felt the inspiration for some reason. Do you ever get in blogging funks?

Bri and I are doing a “stay-cation” at home this weekend. We’ve just been so busy – between work and me being in grad school part-time and family stuff and wedding stuff and other people’s wedding stuff…we need a BREAK. So we scheduled this weekend two months ago to just unplug and do NOTHING. Catch up on DVR, stay inside and order pizza. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend and we don’t even care, hah!

Hopefully after this weekend recharge I will feel the blogging love again and hop back on the bandwagon. Until then, I’ll be reading all your lovely posts and trying to find my mojo again!



6 thoughts on “Blah-ging

  1. New blogger or old blogger I think we all go through those funks where just nothing comes to us. Don’t worry… It will come back though! That is one of the great things about blogging… It is always there when you need it!

  2. Whenever blogging starts to feel blah for me, I always stop and take a break until I feel up for it again. I want to make sure that blogging is something that I enjoy and not just another task on my to-do list!

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