Wino Wednesday {Link Up} | 2012 Cline Zinfandel, California


I’m so excited to link up with my girl Amanda from Kids and Cabernet  again for Wino Wednesday!

This week I am reviewing a great red zin we bought a couple weeks ago. I popped it open this weekend and had it with steak tacos. It was light enough for the summer but still dry – just the way I love my reds! My friend’s uncle is a distributor for Cline and I’ve had a lot of their wines. This is by far my favorite.


Tasting notes: This Lodi Zinfandel is a challenging and rewarding wine to produce. Strict selection criteria and master blending show in the final product, which showcases dark berry flavors including black cherry and strawberry. Spice notes, a lasting finish of vanilla from oak aging, and firm, supple tannins add complexity.

Food Pairing: With its smooth structure and rich, berry flavors, the California Zinfandel pairs best with bold-flavored foods such as penne putanesca, grilled steak or chili con carne. (success with the steak tacos!)

Can’t wait to read about what others are sipping on this week!


7 thoughts on “Wino Wednesday {Link Up} | 2012 Cline Zinfandel, California

  1. I LOVE this wine!! I totally forgot about it until now! We used to get it when we lived in Ca but I haven’t seen it here yet. Thanks for linking up!!

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