My first go


This is hopefully the most boring post you see from me! I’ve been inspired recently by other bloggers who have these amazingly designed sites with sponsors and ads…I am definitely not there yet but I hope to be one day! I have always found writing to be therapeutic and was a journalism major in college. With many (good) changes happening in my life right now, the stress levels are up and I am feeling the urge to write.

You may be wondering why I posted the photo from Mean Girls (I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that movie came out). I was in the bathroom at work today and saw a fellow female co-worker applying mascara in the mirror. She started talking about how she hates her eyelashes because she is pale and blonde and you can barely see them…then told me I must not have that problem because I have beautiful dark hair. My response? Instead of saying thank you, I replied with “Oh I HATE my eyelashes! They are so short, I can never go without mascara!” It reminded me of a scene from the movie when all the girls are in front of the mirror taking turns talking about things they don’t like about themselves.

Why is it always our first response as women to bash ourselves? She gave me a compliment, I could have accepted it but instead I just responded with another negative comment. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after.

I’d like to say that next time something like that happens, I will respond more positively and not join in on the self-bashing. I’ll have to be more conscious of what I’m saying, but it’s something i’d really like to work on this year.

What about you, do you find yourself “self-bashing” often?