Our weekend + a great cause

This weekend was a mostly relaxing one for us, which felt incredible after a whirlwind of traveling these past few weeks. It was of course also Memorial Day weekend, which for me has taken on a new meaning over these last few years. Brian served in the Navy for 5 years before leaving in 2010. He and I met a few weeks after he had been officially discharged. I didn’t know him while he was actively serving, but I know how dedicated he was and that a piece of his heart will always be with the US Navy. He felt a calling to enlist that most young people don’t/can’t feel, and I will be forever grateful to him and to all our servicemen and women for that.

Shortly after Brian and I met, my college boyfriend and good friend was killed while on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. He had married the love of his life on Sept. 4 and went to heaven on Nov. 10, 2010, the day before Veteran’s Day.

That event rocked my world and the world of so many others, specifically his family. Eddie was born and raised in a small town outside Syracuse called Chittenango, and his passing changed that place I believe. Ed knowing and willingly sacrificed his life for us, and were he given another chance I know he’d do it all over again. Even though his death was honorable, it changed the lives of others forever. Out of the ashes came an amazing cause, called A Clear Path for Veterans.

You can read all about it hereΒ in a post one of the co-founders wrote this weekend that brought me to tears. It was a different calling she felt, but an honorable one nonetheless. Please take a few minutes to ready about this non-profit that is doing amazing things for the Veteran community in Upstate NY.

With that I’ll leave you with some pictures of our day yesterday. We took Tucker for his first hike at a local state park and he loved it! It was a great way to spend Memorial Day with our little family. XO

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