week’s end

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1. Bri was in Boston for the weekend which means I let Tuck sleep with me…or as you can see from this photo, on me. He was restless all night but I don’t mind cuddling!

2. Saw some of my close college girlfriends this weekend (including two bridesmaids!) for my friend Katie’s 30th. It was so fun and I haven’t laughed like that in a while.

3. Yep, I got it…my long-awaited blood orange margarita! It was just as delicious as I remember. I always ask for extra salt on my margs – am I the only one? It doesn’t feel complete without the salt!

4. Rochester welcomed me back with a blizzard…I can’t believe it snowed this much. This is the view from Katie’s front porch at midnight, it continued snowing all night. And it’ll be 60 degrees here tomorrow. Good ol Upstate  NY!

5. I stopped at Mom and Dad’s when I got back to Syracuse and my dad assigned me to cleaning out my old CD collection in the attic…I found these gems in the process, my music taste in middle school! Brought back some hilarious (and awkward) memories.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



Jane.com – my guilty pleasure

So I’ve been getting daily emails from Jane.com for a while now. I first heard about it on the Elvis Duran show (another guilty pleasure I listen to every morning). And I have to say – I am obsessed. I look forward to opening my email every morning and finding what goodies await.

The gist is that boutiques across the country that sell trendy things (think clothes, fashion/statement jewelry, housing decor, baby headbands) sell them on Jane for a limited time at a super discounted price. Most of them have their own Etsy shops as well. I’ve found some awesome things and snagged up a couple things today I can’t wait to get in the mail! A great spring blouse as well as a really cool statement bracelet (I’ve decided I don’t wear enough bracelets). Check them out, can’t wait to get them in the mail!

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