5 on Friday


Trying this 5 on Friday thing and linking up to Cheers Y’all – I like this idea!

  1. Baby shower
    I’m headed to Buffalo for the day tomorrow to shower my beautiful friend Erin with baby blessings! She is a pharmacist living in Greenville, SC but Buffalo is her hometown (and a convenient drive for me :)) I can’t wait to see her and hug her baby bump! When I found out she was pregnant I sent her this adorable little gift I found on Etsy because we both love sushi so much but I knew she wouldn’t be able to have it for  awhile – I thought this was close second! If you look closely it’s actually wash cloths and towels.
  2. GO CUSE!
    That’s right – it’s March Madness time and my hometown team is in the tourney! We’ll be heading to a local pub tomorrow night to watch them (hopefully) beat Dayton and move on to the next round! Who are you rooting for?
  3. Frozen
    So, I think I am the only person left on the planet who still hasn’t seen Frozen, yet I keep hearing all these parodies that are cracking me up. I heard this one in the car on the way to work today and could not stop laughing. Check out Let it Goat here
  4. Protein
    As part of my journey on the way back to a better mental health and overall well-being, I am going to start trying to incorporate way more protein in to my diet. I don’t eat horribly now but I could definitely do a better job. I think I am going to start trying these organic protein shakes by Orgain. Has anyone had success with protein shakes? Also trying to incorporate a lot more chicken and fish in to my diet.
  5. GIRLS
    I reluctantly began watching Girls on HBO recently and have now become (not so) secretly obsessed. But even more so obsessed with music on the show. It’s gotten me back in to trying to discover new bands and music which I love, but also reminded me of old favorites. I’ve been listening to Fleet Foxes on Pandora all week and can’t stop!

Have a great weekend, everybody! xo