oh hey Friday! NEW linkup


Excited to have the opportunity to link up with Karli today for a new Friday linkup she is co-hosting with the farmer’s wife! I’ve missed the 5 on Friday posts but understand the hostess’ need to take a break from it. Yet, every Friday I have to say I have missed it! Make sure you check out these girls’ blogs – I love Karli’s writing in particular, she always makes me laugh. But – without further ado – on to the five!

1. I usually end with a quote, but am starting with this one. So many blogs I’ve been reading this week have dealt with themes of worry, anxiety and depression. We all struggle with it on some level and all three are something I am not ashamed to admit I’ve struggled with my whole life. I’ve always loved this quote and saw it again last night. It is a nice reminder.



2. On a lighter note, I also saw this on Pinterest last night and it made me laugh out loud. Can totally see Bri doing this with our kid one day!



3. I saw this recipe on Real Simple yesterday and it looks amazinggg! Such a fresh and easy summer recipe. Totally going to try it soon.


Mozzarella, prosciutto and melon salad with mint

4. I just recently discovered Lulu’s – have you guys heard of it or ever bought anything from there? A friend recommended it to me for honeymoon garb and I have been perusing. I am a little wary – it says it’s for juniors (um I am almost 30). But I did fall in love with this dress and may get it. What do you think?



5. Last but not least, I leave you with a picture of a Corgi. Because why not?



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