5 on Friday



Better late than never, yes? Been a CRAZY day at work so I am ending my day with a little blogging 😉 TGIF!

1. Pay it Forward
Today I treated myself to my usual Dunkin breakfast sammie and coffee and decided I would pay for the car behind me, too. Every once in a while I decide to do that just for fun. Well when I got to the cashier, she told me I was the FIFTH person this morning who did that! And it was only 8:15. I just thought that was so cool and it made me smile. It was a nice way to start my Friday.

2. Ideeli
I have been a member of ideeli (referral link) for years and I think I’ve bought one thing. Well today that changed! I’ve been browsing a little bit more since thinking about the wedding/honeymoon and bought this super cute maxi today. I know, I swore off shopping until my next Stitch Fix…whoops. And it’s non-returnable so here’s hoping it fits! But was on sale for $20 so that makes it ok, yes? anyone? Bueller?


3. Essie
I feel like I post about my love for Essie nailpolish mmmm all the time. But here’s another one from the spring 2014 collection I want to add to MY collection.

Essie "Romper Room"

Essie “Romper Room”

4. Wedding lips
I’ve been browsing wedding makeup styles lately. I love the way my make up was done for Kaitlin’s wedding, but for someone who wears minimal makeup that was even a little too much for me. I saw this on Pinterest and LOVE the color…minus the face bling :p I think it would be perfect for our fall wedding.

Mac lipstick in Mocha

Mac lipstick in Mocha

5.  Stair runner
So our stairs are carpeted and are pretty much an eyesore and smell like our (lovable) dog. I would love to strip out the carpeting and put in a runner if they’re in ok condition. It will most likely be a post-wedding project but I found this awesome tutorial on Southern Hospitality




Enjoy your weekend everyone!


5 on Friday – quote edition



Hey all – I decided to make this Friday’s 5 a quote edition. I’ve had a tough week and know friends and family who have as well for all sorts of various reasons…I could use a little inspiration and maybe some of you could, too! These are all taken from my Pinterest boards. I hope you have a blessed Memorial holiday. I’ll be spending it with my Navy vet 🙂 xo

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5 on Friday!


TGIF everyone! Thanks to our ladies for hostessing the 5 on Friday as always. Here we go!

  1. Mother’s Day
    As you know Mother’s Day is Sunday – the weather here is looking to be gorgeous! Bri is out of town AGAIN, this time camping til Sunday with some buddies. So I am having my parents over for Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday. I will be making this spinach and artichoke egg casserole, along with cinnamon rolls, turkey bacon, fresh fruit, and of course mimosas! here is a sneak peak of what it looks like, I can’t wait to try it!


2.  New TV
OK, with Bri gone again and a pretty low-key weekend ahead, I am looking for a new TV show to binge watch. Any suggestions? I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, Scandal, House of Cards…any guilty pleasures you love to watch?!

3. Countdown
One week from today I’ll be standing up for one of my best friends in her wedding in Long Beach Island, NJ! I am so excited for that event, plus the 3 days off that come along with it 🙂

Me and Kaitlin

Me and Kaitlin


4. Sunless tanner
I hate to admit this, but I have been “fake baking” the past couple weeks to get ready for Kait’s wedding…it’s on a beach, and I am pale as pale can be. And I know it is soooo bad for you!! So from here on out, I am looking for rec’s on sunless tanners…mind you, as I’ve already mentioned, I am a pasty lady. I have been wary of trying spray tanning or anything for fear of streaking and/or a Ross moment from Friends (anyone remember that?! “Were you counting Mississippi-ily?!”) What do ya think ladies?


My future?


5.  These sandals
I want. That is all.


Have a great weekend, everyone! xo

5 on Friday – wedding edition!


Greetings all! I’ve been pinning like a mad woman to my wedding board lately so thought I’d share some of my latest inspiration on this Friday. Let me know what you think!

1. This sign
Saw this on Style Me Pretty and have just fallen in love with it. It goes along with the style I’m looking for, so I am going to start perusing Etsy and see what I can find.


2. These invitations
Just started working with my designer friend on our invitations and this is totally the style I am digging! It somewhat mirrors what we did on our save the dates. I love the whimsical writing.


3. Baby’s breath and lanterns
After meeting with the florist we decided that floral centerpieces are way out of our price range unfortunately…so, we’re going to make sure mine and the girls’ flowers are gorgeous and look for inspiration for the tables elsewhere. I am in love with the idea of lanterns and candlelight, it’s so romantic. And now more recently – baby’s breath. My mom and I are going to scour thrift stores for vintage bud vases this weekend while Bri is away at (yet another) bachelor party! Here are some pics I really love.


4. This other sign
This one I actually bought and just received in the mail yesterday! It’s in a natural color which kinda goes with the theme, and I just think it’s adorable. Thought we’d hang it from the dessert or gift table.


5. Door hanger
I’ve seen these everywhere and think they are so cute, I am going to get them for our welcome bags.


So there you have it! A little look in to our wedding inspiration lately. Thanks to our 5 on Friday hostesses and TGIF everyone!

5 on Friday


Happy Friday everyone! Spring has sprung here after a last blast from Winter on Tuesday. Thanks to our hostesses as always! Here’s what’s going on this Friday:

1. Good Friday
It is indeed Good Friday and being raised Catholic in an Italian family it’s a big tradition to do a fish dinner. So we’ll be feasting on fried clams, haddock, garlic pizza and spaghetti with red sauce and tuna (which sounds gross but my mom makes it and it is delish!!) I love having these traditions and it always brings me back to childhood. After dinner tonight Bri and I will be heading to our friends’ house for a poker-themed 30th birthday party. One of my oldest friends (I’ve known him since kindergarten!) is turning 30. I still can’t believe we’re turning 30 this year.

2. This dinner
We made this last night and it was the perfect Spring-night dinner! So easy to make and the salad was so fresh-tasting. Plus we got to break in the grill for the season. It reminds me that summer is on the way.

Chipotle pork loin and black bean salad

Chipotle pork loin and black bean salad

3. Easter Brunch
We’re going to brunch on Sunday with my parents and grandparents which I am looking forward to – but I am even MORE excited because it will be where my bridal shower is being held in September! I just found out a couple weeks ago where my girls were planning to have it – the rest stays a surprise. But the food at Gentile’s is unbelievable so I know they will do a great job.

4. Tucker
I just love our pup. Bri and I were saying last night that it feels as if he is our child. We’ve only had him for 6 months but he’s such a good dog and I am so happy we could rescue him from the horrible situation he was in. Here he is sunbathing on our deck Wednesday even though there was still snow on it and it was 30 degrees out!

photo (3)

5. Thankful
As I was writing this I received a very sweet email from my future mother in law – she told us she finally had time to look and read through our wedding website and she just said some of the sweetest things. I am so lucky, blessed and grateful that I get to marry in to that family and she has been such a blessing in my life and someone I look up to greatly.


5 on Friday


Good morning loves! Hooking up with our fabulous hostesses this week and sharing some Friday things.

1. Etsy

I wanted to send a quick thank you to Lisa, Nina and Jennifer for their suggestions about getting my own blog template off Etsy. Who knew?! I seriously never thought of looking there. So over the next few weeks I am going to peruse the selection and will unveil a new design!

2. Rent the Runway

Most of you have probably heard of RTR (referral link), and if you haven’t, you MUST try it! I’ve been using them for about a year and a half now and I’ve become slightly addicted. You see, I have this problem where I feel that I need a new dress for every. single. occasion. (Can you relate?) The issue is that I spend all this money on dresses I only wear once that end up sitting in my closet. So for most weddings and sometimes showers I’ve attended, I call on my trusty old friends at RTR! You literally rent a designer dress for four days (and there are some STEALS on there) then plop it in the mail when you’re done. So, I get to be donned in designer threads for about 50 bucks a pop. I’ll be wearing this fun number to my friend Kaitlin’s bridal shower tomorrow (pics to come!)


3. Kait

Speaking of Kaitlin, we are throwing her a fabulous bridal shower tomorrow! I am so excited. It feels like we’ve been planning forever and it’s finally here. We’ll be having it at this amazing restaurant called Laci’s Tapas Bar. I threw a shower there last year and they did such a great job. Plus, the food is amazing. Can’t wait to share some pictures from the weekend! Here is a preview of one of the tapas on the menu, Mexican Sliders…yum!

Mexican Sliders

4. Easter

We’ll be celebrating Easter a week early with Bri’s family this Sunday since our nieces will be around. I made their Easter baskets the other night and I can’t tell you how giddy I get doing stuff like that! I love buying them Christmas and birthday presents. I am an only child so it is such a blessing to have them in our lives. The second we got engaged they started calling me Aunt Rachel, haha 🙂 It’s so fun to watch them grow up and turn in to little ladies.

5. Quote

I keep seeing this quote pop up, either on Pinterest or Facebook or some other social media site, and I am reminded and also humbled every time about how much I love it and how true it rings. It’s something I often have to remind myself of when I feel angry with someone or perhaps upset with a co-worker. You just never know what else may be going on in someone’s life.


Have a great weekend, everyone! xo

5 on Friday – Spring edition


Linking up with our lovely hostesses as well as Running MOMentum on this Friday! I’ve decided to make it a spring edition since the snow is FINALLY almost all gone here in good ol Syracuse, NY!

  1. Shoes
    I broke out my running shoes this week…last summer I could run 4 miles non stop and sadly I can barely run a mile at that now 😛 But, I am so happy the weather is turning nice again and it felt so good to get outside.
  2. More shoes
    So, I’ve decided on a new rule. I am sick of wearing socks. I am also sick of washing and matching said socks. So any time the weather forecast is above 50, I will be sock-free! Hello ballet flats season. I picked up these Steve Madden beauties from DSW and have been waiting to wear them. They’re such a good neutral and will go with anything!
  3. Blood orange
    Since you may not want to look at my feet anymore, here is a picture that will make your mouth water. Bri is in Boston for the weekend at a bachelor party, and I’ll be heading to Rochester tomorrow for my good friend (and bridesmaid!)’s 30th birthday fiesta and it will be at my favorite Mexican restaurant in the ROC, Salena’s. I spent most of my adult life there before moving back to Syracuse. I am usually a traditionalist when it comes to margaritas, but they make the most fantastic blood orange margarita. Not too sweet but has a kick. I can’t wait to have one tomorrow, and it’s the perfect drink to kick off the springtime weather!
  4. The Following
    I’ve been known to binge -watch a tv show or two. or three. When I should be perhaps planning our wedding or maybe doing grad school homework. Whoops. But last night was one of those nights, and I am officially hooked on The Following. I usually don’t like creepy shows like that (though I did love Dexter) but this one really got me! We just finished season 1 and will have to wait for season 2 to come out once it’s finished. But springtime means one of our other favorite shows will be back on the air very soon – Game of Thrones! Any other Thrones lovers out there? To me, nothing will ever compare to LOST but many of these come in a close second 🙂
  5. Ballet Slippers by Essie
    Sigh…springtime nail polish. I am totally an autumn girl but once the temps get warmer I get excited for all the pretty pastels. Essie comes out with the best stuff. I’m currently sporting their Ballet Slippers. I would post a pic of my nails but I am the worst manicurist ever and am too ashamed to do so 😛 So here is what it looks like from their website.

    Signing off for now…hope you all have great weekends!xo